The Nebraska Resort That Almost Was

The Nebraska Resort That Almost Was

Last summer we visited the former Devils Nest ski resort, a failed resort in Knox County near Lewis & Clark lake, for a photo shoot. If you missed that, you can catch up here.

Curtis F. of South Dakota saw that piece and sent us some vintage promotional materials dating to the days when hopes were still high for Devils Nest. Click these images to see ’em full-size.


Although the resort never panned out, the wildlife and outdoor living are still quite an attraction in this part of northern Nebraska.


The ski resort operated for a couple years. Today, it looks like this.



When you open the second brochure, a little pop-up raccoon character presents you with a mail return card to get more information.


Although the yacht club actually got built, the Devils Nest Inn never did.


Devils Nest ski resort is now abandoned. See what it looks like now, here. We chronicled our visit to Devils Nest on video too, and you can watch that video here.


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