Saskatchewan’s First Consolidated School is Abandoned

Saskatchewan’s First Consolidated School is Abandoned

As I was planning a trip to photograph Saskatchewan places in July, 2016, I didn’t have plans to stop here until I found out about the former Aneroid Consolidated School. Like so many rural communities on the Great Plains of North America, Aneroid is shrinking. Young people are now going to school in nearby Ponteix, and the former consolidated school is abandoned.

Aneroid, Saskatchewan

Aneroid is a perfectly normal hamlet in southern Saskatchewan, about 150 kilometers southwest of Moose Jaw, or 70 kilometers southeast of Swift Current. The population was estimated at 45 in 2006. It was an incorporated village until 2008, when the village reorganized as a hamlet and came under the governance of the rural municipality–effectively, Aneroid decided not to be a town anymore.

Aneroid, Saskatchewan

Aneroid’s former consolidated school was my primary reason to visit, and it is impressive.

Aneroid, Saskatchewan

Settlers were arriving in this area by the early 1900s, many of them arriving in Swift Current by rail, then some continuing to the sparsely populated area around Aneroid by horse. The post office opened in 1911.

In 1913, a two-room wood school–the first consolidated school in Saskatchewan–was built to educate the settlers’ children, but two years later it was replaced by this brick school. Children from a fairly wide area came here to attend class every day.

Aneroid, Saskatchewan

Aneroid, Saskatchewan

The school is largely hidden these days behind a row of trees that line the perimeter of the property. Just outside that natural boundary lies the rest of Aneroid, including the Aneroid United Church.

Aneroid, Saskatchewan

The church was built in 1915, the same year as the brick school building across the street. Today, there is a sign hanging on the door that lists the church as for sale via Ed Wagner Ventures. I was unable to find a listing online anywhere.

Aneroid, Saskatchewan

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Photos by Troy Larson, content copyright © 2016 Sonic Tremor Media

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8 thoughts on “Saskatchewan’s First Consolidated School is Abandoned

    1. Hi there , do you ever remember a family with the last name Parkin living in Aneroid ? My Grandma is from there , and i was just curious.

      Thanks Jared Mallory

  1. I have visited aneroid several times. .always stopped at dad and uncle joe’s grave. sadly dorothea has no stone. we left about 80 years ago. the first time the mc coy’s gave my dads violin to me . they had stored it for about 30 years.

  2. My first teaching position in 1961. Married a farmer south
    of town. All three of our children attended from grades one to eight then were bussed to Kincaid . Loved that school !!

  3. I remember as an elementary student from Kincaid coming to Compete in track and field at this school in grade 4. A bunch of schools would get together and have track and field day and Aneroid school would host! Always fun when coming here. In the early 80’s that would have been. And then in grade 9 the students would be buses to Kincaid . Good times !

  4. My dad Alf Cuthbert was born in Aneriod in April 1919. His dad had a farm called Erinlea, they moved to Plato Sask around 1930 when farming got too bad to produce crops. I went with him back to Aneriod in 1989.

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