Passing Through Sleepy Verwood, Saskatchewan

Passing Through Sleepy Verwood, Saskatchewan

During a trip to photograph some Saskatchewan places, including Cadillac, Neidpath, and this abandoned bridge, I found myself passing through sleepy Verwood, Saskatchewan, and stopped to grab a few photos.

Verwood, Saskatchewan

Verwood is just under 100 kilometers south of Moose Jaw, or 50 miles north of Scobey, Montana. The most interesting structure I saw is Verwood Presbyterian Church (above) which was built in 1916. It looks like it has been vacant for quite some time.

Verwood, Saskatchewan

Like many of the southern Saskatchewan towns along the Ghost Town Trail, Verwood was once an official village, but chose to unincorporate in the 1950s (Admiral is another example) and become a hamlet, under the governance of the rural municipality. Even though there are a number of people still living here, effectively, Verwood is no longer a “town.”

Verwood, Saskatchewan

Verwood, Saskatchewan

The church shown above is the former St. John’s Lutheran Church. I don’t know how long it’s been vacant.

Verwood, Saskatchewan

There was also an abandoned one-room school in Verwood at one time, but either I missed it, or it’s not there anymore. What do you know about Verwood? Please leave a comment below.

Photos by Troy Larson, content copyright © 2016 Sonic Tremor Media

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34 thoughts on “Passing Through Sleepy Verwood, Saskatchewan

  1. My father was born here and moved away to go to the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon sometime in the ’50s.

    We sometimes talk about Verwood and he likes to tell stories about adventures that he and his pals had in the countryside around the town. When I first saw pictures from Google maps it looks exactly the way I thought it would from my Dad’s stories.

    I want to visit here one day just to see the same countryside my Dad grew up looking at and playing in.

  2. I was born in Verwood in 1940.
    Lived there until 1953 when the family moved to Moose Jaw. My Dad owned the store until about 1947 and then purchased the Summit Hotel. It was sold in 1953.
    Could expand on the subject but wont bother unless someone is reading the comments.
    Gerry Oberg.

    1. Hi Gerry
      I am reading the comments and would be very interested to hear more of what you know of the place.
      Would you happen to know how the place got its name? There is one one other Verwood which is located in Dorset, UK, in the south of England so I am guessing that one of the original settlers in the area was originally from there and carried the place name over… Do you have any knowledge of the village’s early history?

  3. Verwood had its beginning in 1912 when CPR completed a line from Weyburn to Assinaboa. The town was named in memory of a little girl Vera Wood who died in a fire. Mr. E Wood homesteaded north-west of Verwood.
    The school started as a one room school expanded to a two room. In use until 1927-1828. At which time a 4 room brick school was built. The 4 rooms were in use until 1963 when high school students were transferred to Assinaboa. I don’t know when it stopped being used.
    [it was still standing in 1985].

    1. My father ran the town garage in Verwood for a few years beginning in about 1948. My sister and I vividly remember going to school there, and we still recall the names of our many friends. We lived across the street from the general store, next to the church on Main Street. We moved after our mother passed away in 1951. Dad sold the garage and also moved shortly after that.

    2. Hello,

      My great great Aunt would have been Vera Wood. She was originally buried on the farm by the railroad track and when the cemetery was established she was moved there.

      1. To add to the story of her death, she was making a cup of tea for her father, when he dress caught fire. She originally survived the incident, but later passed due to her injuries.

  4. Gerry, very interesting history on Verwood. Thanks for relating what you know. I’ve been through the hamlet and it’s pretty quiet now. I was enroute to Assiniboia when I made the detour through Verwood. It’s nice to see the elevator is still standing. There must be a few “ghosts” hanging around the office telling tall tales and guessing the price of wheat from a long time ago.

  5. My Dad bought the Summit Hotel . Him and my mom ran it till I was born in 1965 when they closed the bar. I grew up in that house that once was a hospital as well.
    My generation was the last to go to school there. In June 1972 they closed the doors and we were bussed to Assiniboia.

  6. Verwood is rising again! A company has bought the old elevator and it is now a vibrant new pulse plant. It is huge. There are 15 people living in town. We have an active community hall with a fall supper and Christmas party every year. The school was demolished years ago and the kids here go to Assiniboia. It is a tight knit community and everyone helps each other. Many of the families are descendants of families who have been here for a century. I live here so if you ever need more pictures let me know.

    1. I was in Verwood just this May, as I was doing some family research. My great grandfather farmed around there in the early 1900’s and is buried in the Verwood Cemetery (Burton Cooper), and when I found the Excel history book in the Assinaboia Museum, it said my grandfather Harry ran a dray business in Verwood in 1916, the same year his son, my uncle was born. Harry then moved to Halbrite, on the other side of Weyburn to take over his father in laws farm, where my dad was born. Now I want to track down where around Verwood my great grandfather farmed. Might have to make another trip out next year if I can find out. Fun stuff (at least for me)!

      1. Greg,
        I have been researching your Great Grandfather (Berton Cooper) after coming across an old letter from Bruce Blout from Wisconsin requesting info on his Great Grandfather Berton Cooper.
        Contact me if you are still looking for more info.

    2. I am looking for residents that might know the old families from town. My wife’s grandmother went to school and was married in the Union Church. Her name was Marjorie Ryder and she married John Coleman

  7. Good day
    I was born in 1953 in Assiniboia and lived on a farm where the road intersected to Readlyn, Willow Bunch, Assiniboia and Verwood.
    I stared school in Verwood at the brick school in 1959. There were seven in my first grade class.
    In March of 1962 two of my classmates ( Clarence and Diana Smith ) died as a result of a car accident while going to Willow Bunch hospital to see their mother. I have a class picture which includes the two of them. They are buried side by side in the Verwood cemetery.
    In 1963 we had to leave our farm as my dad contracted rheumatoid arthritis. We moved to Edmonton where we have lived ever since

    1. Hi Alan:
      Clarence and Diana are my mom’s first cousins!

      I would love to see your class photo, if you are able to send it please.

    2. I was a pall bearer for Clarence and Diana and their cousin Duane was in my wedding party. I lived in Verwood till 1952 when my dad opened a service station 4 miles east of Verwood on the other junction of 13 and 36. Andre’s corner later became Spagruds corner and Wenaus corner later became Bates corner

  8. I am very interested Greg in any information you can share with me on Verwood and the Summit Orel, where I grew up in a family of 8 children. I have the Oberhausen name in my notes as owners of the hotel after it was the hospital.

  9. Can someone tel me about some people that lived in the area? Looking for the Coleman family/families that lived in the area?

    1. Jim, Donna Ross here, I will check with my family because I know the Coleman’s were farm neighbours when my family was on the farm before they bought the hotel and moved to Verwood. Mrs. Coleman was in the Fordyce Manor in Assiniboia when my grandmother was there. We used to play jacks with her in the solarium. The Coleman farm was at the end of the road to the south. Our Farm was in the middle and the Daviduk Farm was on the north end off highway 13. Maybe about 10 miles east of Verwood. Ron Daviduk still lives on the Daviduk farm.

      1. Donna, do you have a sister “Diane” and she had a friend late 50’s early 60’s Debbie Hartness and Helen Dykstra. Is this the right family?

        1. Yes, H Andrews, that is correct. Her given name is actually Anita, but she was called Diane for many years. If you would like to have some contact, you can email me at with the details of your connection and I will contact her.

      2. Hi, Donna me again. My Mom ran the post office until 1965 when we moved to Moose Jaw. Do you remember a girl by the name of Ruth Dann or Linda Dann and they had a brother D’Arcy?

    1. The church that is currently up for sale was a museum when we went through back in 1978. The old brick school to the west was open and we went in. The floor had heaved up but the old gym still looked pretty good and those little boys and girls locker rooms. Even the principals office up those stairs was there. The classrooms were dirty but some desks were still there. I remember being sent to that principals office. I was horrified. I would love to see some of those pictures. My brother and sisters and me are most likely in some of them. Or at least we saw some in the old church museum back in 78. My Dad operated the Garage at the bottom of main by the railroad tracks. We even had a big ass snake crawl off of a truck that came up from the states. It was in the rain barrel on the east side of the garage. I thought our dog Skipper was nuts going after the snake. Memories.

  10. Please remove my last message and replace it with my correct email address.
    My last message:
    Hi Donna,
    I have been putting together a collection of old pictures, news clippings, obituaries, census information, homestead records and voters lists of the Verwood area.
    Feel free to contact me.
    Barbara (Domes)
    The following is the correct message and email:
    I have been putting together a collection of old pictures, news clippings, obituaries, census information, homestead records and voters lists of the Verwood area.
    Feel free to contact me.
    Barbara (Domes) Juurlink

    1. Hi Barb, I am so happy to hear that someone is doing this. Your Mom and Dad were my encyclopedias to the Verwood History and the people in the area. We are in the thick of calving now and putting a bull sale catalogue together, but I will certainly contact you. Thanks for posting on here.

  11. Yes, is this Helen? I do remember the Dann’s because I believe that Linda may have babysat us a time or two. I also had a phone conversation a number of years back with a Dann that was living in Calgary at the time. A friend that lived with my husband and I met him thru mutual friends and they got talking, so they phoned me and talked for awhile. He would have been the age of some of the Berner boys. He remembered the Neffs and Domes’

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