The Lonely Ghost Town of Galilee

The Lonely Ghost Town of Galilee

The day was done and I had finished photographing the places on my agenda on this day in July. I was on Highway 36 in southern Saskatchewan, enjoying the scenic drive north to a hotel in Moose Jaw, when I unexpectedly spotted this place right in front of me as I crested a rise in the road. I had no idea that I had stumbled upon the lonely ghost town of Galilee.

Galilee, Saskatchewan

A post office was established in Galilee in 1913, the same year the railroad arrived, marking the beginning for this prairie settlement. The following year, several stores, a blacksmith shop, and a grain elevator had been erected.

Galilee, Saskatchewan

The building on the west side of the highway looked like a house to me, but I discovered it was Sugar Loaf School, which opened in 1915, and it also hosted church services until 1960. According to a comment on this blog, Norman Swanson and Matti Garner ran the garage and post office in Galilee, and also got married in the school.

Galilee only lasted a few decades–people were moving away by the thirties. The school closed in 1956, and today, only these few crumbling structures remain.

Galilee, Saskatchewan

For a ghost town, Galilee sees a lot of traffic. Five or six cars passed through in the brief few minutes I was there. There’s also an interesting post about some chalk outlines that a joker spraypainted on the highway in Galilee here. I was standing just feet from them when I took some of these photos, so either I missed them, or they’ve worn away.

Galilee, Saskatchewan

What do you know about the lonely ghost town of Galilee, Saskatchewan? Please leave a comment below.

Photos by Troy Larson, copyright © 2017 Sonic Tremor Media

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3 thoughts on “The Lonely Ghost Town of Galilee

  1. Wonderful find. This site reminds me, in part, of Bodie, California. Thanks for sharing your photos and the history lesson…!!

    1. that is a house on the west side. Sugar Loaf School is long gone it was on the east side north of the Imperil Oil sales garage. The store was called United Farmers Store

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