Exploring Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Exploring Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Devils Nest abandoned ski resort is in northeast Nebraska, Knox County, not far from the recreation areas on Lewis and Clark Lake.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Devils Nest was part of a large luxury resort planned for this part of Nebraska, and this unlikely ski area actually operated for a few years in the early 70s.  A 25-story hotel was planned and there were supposed to be luxury homes as well, but, according to the Sioux City Journal:

In 1974, the Nebraska Secretary of State dissolved the Devils Nest Development Co. for nonpayment of corporate occupation taxes. Banks foreclosed on the property the following year, and the property was sold at auction to satisfy judgments in 1977.

The current owner of Devils Nest bought it in 2008.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Terry and I had been traveling most of the morning through beautiful country and we were eager to get into Devils Nest to shoot.  When we arrived, we found one of the roads into the site and we were somewhat surprised to see it was un-gated and not posted.

Update: Since we left, the property owner has contacted us and informed us the property is private. We’d like to add it’s private, even though there are some routes into the site that are not marked as such.

We began to drive down into the resort, but the road deteriorated quickly and we parked at the top of the hill, resigned to hike in.  We heard a distant rumble of thunder as we started walking, each of us carrying a backpack with sixty pounds of gear. The hike was about three quarters of a mile, first down the steep, winding road shown above, then a short uphill climb.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

As we approached the bottom we got our first glimpse of the lift machinery… this would have been the bottom of the run.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

The first lift chair I saw when we arrived.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Terry going up to get a better look.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort


Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Devils Nest Development still exists, but today the focus is on luxury home lots overlooking Lewis & Clark Lake. Devils Nest ski resort is just a curiosity.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

We had been searching for blue sky and white clouds most of the day, and we thought we might get lucky since the sun was shining as we approached Devils Nest, but no such luck.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Unpaid taxes notwithstanding, it was really the location that did Devils Nest in. Without any mountains, Nebraska is simply too warm to have a ski resort here. The snow making machines were constantly running and couldn’t keep up most of the time.


Devils Nest development once had a yacht club and a golf course too.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

The former ski lodge.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Ski in, ski out.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Terry came out of the lodge and commented that he thought Devils Nest would be a perfect setting for an episode of The Walking Dead.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

I was concentrating on photos and not paying any attention to the weather when Terry said, “Did you hear that thunder?”  It sounded like it was getting closer.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

We were right about here, debating whether to make the hike to the top of the run, when a cool breeze blew in. It alarmed me right away because it had been hot and humid all day.  I looked back at Terry and said, “We gotta get out of here.”  It didn’t hit me until right at that moment that our car was a half mile away, up a very steep hill.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

We began walking as quickly as possible, shooting a few photos on the way out.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

We wore ourselves out hiking back up the access road, hoping to make it to the car before the rain came, but we failed by about two minutes. The car was just in sight when it started to pour. We got soaked, but cameras survived. See the video of our exploration of Devils Nest.

Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

Read more about Devils Nest: The Nebraska Resort That Almost Was.

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright © 2014 Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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87 thoughts on “Exploring Devils Nest Abandoned Ski Resort

  1. I was raised in western Nebraska and had no idea Devils Nest even existed. What a wonderful tour you provided. Thanks so much.

  2. Oh the stories we could tell!!! My Dad was the Cedar County Sheriff and a wonderful horseman. Devil’s Nest was the perfect place for trail rides and celebrities to come to. We had the pleasure of taking Fetus from Gunsmoke to the huge grand opening at the Nest. I was quite young but do remember it was ahuge turnout! Loved your pics and narration.

  3. I love this place! However, you forgot to mention any ghosts (other than considering the resort the ghost). Popular local legend is that a young girl was killed on the lift; the top seat of the ski lift moves, even when the air at the top of the turnaround is dead still. This legend is used to scare high school kids on dark evenings.
    Also, I have no idea where you folk are from, but I grew up just outside of Yankton, and it is NOT “too warm” for a ski resort. Great Bear in Sioux Falls has a very successful resort, and the two towns don’t differ in climate by more than a few degrees.

    1. I own this property and we are building homes as we speak and there are no trespassing signs posted.
      No one was killed at Devils Nest. Just like the properties are not just for luxury homes. They are for people who love the outdoors and recreation.
      the ski lift is scheduled to come down sometime in the near future. People will build homes on that bluff including myself.
      you should be cautious of what you print. So.e of what you said was a lie and you were legally trespassing.
      I did enjoy some parts of your article but for the most part I did not. You can go to devilsnestnebraska.com for more accurate information.
      Thank you,
      Monda Kohles

    2. Monda, I live in Knox County, and I was at Devils Nest last week. I drove out there to see it for old time’s sake (I saw other people coming back up the road when I was on my way out there too, so I’m not the only person who was out there that day). Let me ask you a question… when was the last time YOU were there?

      You know what I found when I visited last week? The north entrance road is TOTALLY OPEN, there’s no gate and not a single “No Trespassing” sign. I have a photo of the open gate. I talked to my niece and she was like, “Oh yeah, me and my friends have been there a bunch of times.” It scared me, and I told her mother. Devils Nest is dangerous and I don’t want my niece out there. So, how about YOU board that fucker up, lock it up tight, put up some No Trespassing signs before one of my young family members gets killed out there and I have to SUE YOU.

    3. He irony Monda is that you snuck onto this land years back. Now I’m not saying trespassing is right, but you more or less did the same thing before investing into this.

  4. My Dad did the dirt work to build the ski slope and all the roads in Devils Nest. It was scary watching the heavy equipment go up the slope with a load of dirt. One road was built around a tree. Dad didn’t have the heart to knock it down so he built the road around it. And yes, the grand opening was massive with the number of people that came to see and all the vendors with their trucks of food and beverage. Still have my Devils Nest t-shirt that was given out that day. It could have evolved into a beautiful place.

  5. I grew up in ND. CATTLE/FARM, went to Union College in Lincoln 2 yrs, lived in Vail 10 Yrs. skied 120 days a year/did some competitive bumps, and have never heard of this place!!! Wow.

  6. I also grew up in NE Nebraska and remember the opening of Devils Nest. Was the “place” to go. Never went because it was for the “upper class” & I was a poor teenager. LOL went for a drive with friends & took a tour of the place a few years go. Beautiful area.

  7. We go up to the devils nest all the time and ride horses through there. There is a trail that leads right up to the top and past buildings, its amazing scenery. We have taken people through on trail rides and such. Would love to take you guys through if were interested!

  8. I used to attend dances there on Sat. nite. My brother in law played drums in the band. I think I still have a pendent of a raccoon dressed in “wooly chaps” and a cowboy hat. I think it was the resorts logo.

    1. My dad was born in the Devils Nest in 1913! My husband worked at the ski resort! Our family has had many fun times down by the river! Also at sandy beach when you could get to it!

  9. I remember looking at lots for sale and sold ones with my parents and every lot had a post staked in it that told who bought it and the others had prices on them

  10. Tried to walk down to the ski resort and take pictures back in the mid 80’s. A friend and I were about 1\4 of the way down when we heard a gun shot followed by a man telling us to “get our a**as back up here”! Have driven over there many times over the years and usually end up with someone following us. Always leave with a creepy feeling! Thanks for sharing the pics…I’ve waited years to see the lift finally! Lol

  11. I remember as a kid riding horses up at Devils Nest. It was and still is a beautiful place. Wish someone would do something with the resort side of it. I never skied there but remember it running. Great memories of trail rides there. Its been years!

  12. I remember going up through there and a huge restaurant sat lake side. Was thinking that someone or some company had purchased the area and was going to try and get something established again. That would be awesome as the scenery and surroundings are so beautiful. I too remember going up there as a kid with my parents — dad always said it was some great but way before it’s time.
    thanks for the awesome pictures and story

  13. I go there all the time trying to get photos of the wildlife. I also have photos of the ski lift. I was able to drive all the way down to the buildings. They have it posted no trespassing now and the road is a private drive now.

  14. I live a few miles from Devils Nest and it is my absolute favorite spot to take pictures. The mystery of the area is so enthralling. I go out there all the time.

  15. We used to go there with our grandparents all the time!!! My grandfather purchased land and built a cabin there. He sold it in the early 1990s. We have gone back to visit once, a few years ago, it has changed so much I didnt recognize the cabin.

  16. One of my favorite places. The first place I ever snow skied. We would go out there in high school explore the old place. It did have a haunted ghost town feel to it. Great memories!

  17. i grew up in NE nebraska. when i was younger, my father painted one of the buildings there and we could drive around and look over the lake. we always wanted to see a mountain lion from a distance. later when i was a teenager we would get a car full and drive around up there (for the scenery of course) and always thought of what it could have been. it’s a shame the guy ran out of money it would have been beautiful.

    1. Maybe they would if the lazy property owner put up more than two tiny “Private Property”” signs at a site that has dozens of ways in, including public roads.

  18. It was posted, right next to the lift. You were even told it was private property, and you were breaking the law. How would you like the residents there to go take photos at your house? Then encourage others to do the same?

  19. My dad used to be a deputy sheriff in Knox County back in the late 80’s. He used to patrol that area all the time, and would sometimes take me on ridealongs through there…it was fun driving fast around the hairpin curves. Back then I thought my dad invented “drifting”…LOL It really is a beautiful area…shame that’s it’s just sitting there with all that left-behind equipment.

    1. I grew up on the SD side watching the development. We liked the ski resort, even better at night, lighting up the dark sky!
      We enjoyed the grand opening with the three gunsmoke television stars, kitty, festus and doc!

  20. I grew up next to this area and have a picture of my mom and Festus together when working at the entry to this area.

  21. Just to clarify, private property is not open to the public if not posted. Posting is only a reminder and a courtesy. Entering private property with out permission is always trespassing. If you planned a trip to see Devils Nest would it have been that hard to find the owners and ask permission? I guess as most of you see it I can go to any property and snoop around. Can’t wait to see your face when I’m walking around your lawn and poking around in your garage.
    Nice to find out about places like this but have some respect.

    1. Curious, Scot. If I’m driving along a crappy dirt road where there are houses all along the way, and the road gets a little worse as you go along, just like the road into Devils Nest does, how do I know when I’ve left the publicly traveled road and entered onto private property if there aren’t any gates or signs?

      I don’t know these guys from Adam, but I have a photography habit and I’d like to know your answer.

    2. Benedict, I have photos of this place also, from the same day they are there, it’s clearly posted. They were personally told to leave prior to illegally hiking down there. There is a huge sign on the devil’s nest sign that says private property, another 20 ft from the lift.

      Unless a property is posted as public, it’s trespassing and you need permission.

    3. Girl on the Beach, I am one of the people you’re talking about and you are mistaken. Terry and I did not speak to anyone on the day we visited. We did not see anybody. We also did not see a single sign or a gate, or any indication that we were on private property. It seems to me that you’re making a supposition about where you think we entered Devils Nest from. We did not enter from the south, we entered from the north. As you know, if you’re telling the truth, there is no signage on the north side and the road goes past a dozen houses, so it’s not a private road. To say there’s a sign “by the lift” is like saying there’s a sign “in the ocean.” The lifts run across hundreds of square acres of territory.

      That said, we’re sorry we upset you. If we had known we were on private property, or if we had seen a sign, we would have left. Since you’ve been so vocal about telling us your opinion, allow me to share mine.

      If you allow your property to deteriorate to the point that Devils Nest has, and you can’t even be bothered to make the barest of provisions for a gate or some no trespassing signs, especially when you share a public road with homeowners just down the road, you might occasionally get some people snooping around on your land, whether on purpose or by accident. I would challenge any first-time visitor to drive down the road north of Devils Nest and tell me the moment it turns from public to private. I would suggest you make more of an effort to let people know you want them to stay out, and maybe people will, although from the looks of the graffiti, you’ve had problems out there for decades before we came along.

    4. I can sum this whole thing up succinctly. Absentee landlord. Got the property for a song, but barely has the means to pay the taxes on it, much less do anything with it, so he/she sits on it for three decades making grand promises while allowing the site to rust away, hidden from prying eyes by property rights ideology that requires you do nothing but own a property.

      Sorry, bro, that’s not the America I live in. If I want to talk to somebody, I knock on their door. If I want to see something, I go see it, right up until the point I see a sign that tells me to keep the fuck out. Put up the fucking signs, drop some fieldstone on the road to keep the 4 x 4’s out, and quit your fuckin’ bitchin’

      These two chuckleheads rolled onto your property in a hybrid compact car and hung out for an hour and a half and you didn’t catch ’em. That tells me all I need to know about your oversight of this place.

    5. Scot doesn’t have an answer for the question because there’s no answer that fits his point of view. If you don’t make it clear that your property is private through signage and fences and gates, then you don’t have a leg to stand on. I think I might just drive over there and photograph all the roads in, and the pathetic lack of signage.

  22. My father was also born in Devil’s Nest (1913 or14). He used to tell us they built the resort because he was born there. He was quite a character- always joking. Unfortunately we never made it there to check it out. Now that I am living in NE we may have to take a road trip.

    1. Those are the only two routes into Devils Nest. Oh, wait a minute… that’s not true is it?

      First photo link you posted: Is there a sign somewhere? I don’t see one.

      Second photo link you posted: The guy already made it clear they didn’t enter Devils Nest from that road in. It’s an irrelevant photo. But they do show how pitiful the attempt at signage at Devils Nest has been, so thanks for making the point.

      One big sign at a site with multiple roads in. Smart.

  23. “Approached Devils Nest from the North”…hmmm. The Nest borders the lake to the North for the most part, so how do you approach the Nest from the lake (or South Dakota) by car? There are old roads running through the entire former development, nearly all not maintained by the county, and some private developments are still owned by individuals, but the majority of the old development is tied up in bankruptcy via various corporations. It is not public land, federal or state owned, so if you leave your car, walk off the road and enter any part of it without permission, you are trespassing under the law. Get permission to walk or stay out. I agree it is an incredibly beautiful area, but respect the rights of the land owners.

    1. And it’s totally unenforceable if the property owner can’t prove that the person trespassing KNEW they were trespassing, Pat. In other words, SIGNS. LOTS of them.

  24. Signs have been torn down. Gates have been torn down. Fences have been torn down all by people who just want to look. Stay out!

  25. Wow….pretty sure if your going to own some beautiful land….do something with it instead of bitching that people are trespassing. People have been trespassing at Devils Nest for years!!!! OMG…get over it or put gates up…obviously cannot afford to do that because no one is buying the land out there.

    1. Obviously you haven’t seen some of the homes there. There are beautiful well kept homes there. Some people like the quiet and nature. I suggest if you want to see the beauty of this private area, you buy a lot and build your own home.

    2. you are wrong about people not buying the land. i know of several people that bought and i also own land there. Yes gates would be nicebut probably unrealistic until it is more populated

  26. I was there over Labor Day weekend and I am there often. I did enjoy parts of your article.
    I should thank you for your article because since it’s print I’ve sold for more building sites.

    Thank you.

    1. You mentioned no one was killed at Devil’s Nest….my brother Merlyn Reifenrath, and another person from Iowa were killed in a cave in ( sewer main ) on Aug. 6th 1971 at Devil’s Nest. He was just 20 years old !!! Please correct your statement. He was from Crofton

      1. I worked with Merlyn and the principal from Oakland and remember the day they were killed by the fall in and the dramatic search for them. You can not forget things like that.

  27. I have reviewed everyone’s comments.
    The bottom line is it is Not your property. I doubt anyone would like it if someone or anyone helped themselves to your houses or your land.
    It takes allot of money to pay for a project like this and so not to go to deep in debt it is best to pay it off first and develop slowly. Unlike some I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I have worked for everything I have.
    We bought this in 2008 and still own it.
    We do pay our bills and continue to sell land and build homes.
    You are not a member of my llc so unless you are a part of my day to day life, please be respectful and take care of your own life before you start ridiculing mine.
    The Nest is a beautiful place and a wonderful place to raise a family.

    1. Monda, please don’t misconstrue any of the comments from visitors as being from the creators of this website. We recognize your private property rights, and I was simply trying to make the point that we did not intentionally trespass, and that we did not see the signs. You’ve posted photos of signs we did not pass, and I’ve tried to make that point by explaining how we accessed the site. At any rate, you’ve now made it clear the property belongs to you, and everyone who comes here will see it.

      We have amended the original post to reflect the status as private property.

    2. Monda

      This is how you spell 4, FOUR.

      I think you should pay Terry a 10% commission on his excellent advertising he’s done, since you said that you’ve directly made money off his hard work & profited off this web page!!!!

    3. i have land right by the top of the lift, the road going to the dam from the west is terrible. there are signs but only a couple on land that is miles long. you do come in from the north if you come from the damm side because the road curves to the south , so you enter from the north side. if you continue on that road you end up on the west side of crofton. the east side has been developed more than the west side. there are a couple nice places to eat, and great homes on the east side. was told by an owner that theives are a problem for owner who live there part time. but the places like the lift and barns have been sitting idle for 50 to 60 years. thought they should turn the lift to a zip line. but it is private! not a state park , or public lands. i find people snooping on my home site all the time, hunting without permission. entering without permission. i have twenty sign that say no hunting or trespassing. they are ignored. this is a hugh place and it will take many years to get even close to making it all persentable.

  28. the main thing is nobody got hurt, nothing got stolen from them, the new generation now got to see the beauty of the place, I’ve drove through there before, seen the lift from the road, that’s it, and obviously there have been people that have gone down there and done destruction on the property with their graffiti, as for commission, why? she isn’t pressing charges everybody just needs to keep their noses out of it, leave your rude comments to yourselves and let the landlord and the photographers handle it between themselves. thanks again for the pictures, they are beautiful and keep posting them.

  29. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting. I thought it was an urban legend my parents had made up and I have lived in Nebraska for almost my whole life!
    To the owner of the property, have you considered allowing curious folks on the land to view this historic site? There are a few places in Nebraska that have boxes set out for freewill donations and postings releasing the land owner from liability. I think it would be very cool to see this in person before the lift is down and my family would pay to hike around there for a couple of hours. It’s a thought. With the interest this article has generated, I hope you seriously consider it so we can see this beautiful landmark first-hand.

    1. I agree. You shouldn’t just keep this place all concealed. It is a part of Nebraska history and people should know about it. They should be able to come check it out. Plus, if you are short on money, couldn’t guided tours be a great way to get some cash flow? Not only that, but you build up a community of people who love the place from visiting it. Put them on a mailing list. When you need work done (fencing, signs, etc.) put out a massive email asking for volunteers to come help with the work. I know of organizations who do this and it works very well!

      I grew up in northeast Nebraska and my uncle actually took me there for the first when I was a kid. The last time I went was a couple years ago. I was hanging out with my sister and said, “Hey want to go check out Devil’s Nest? I had forgotten how to get there so I asked for directions in a bar in Verdigris. They were very nice, gave me directions, and told me stories. Maybe you should let the locals know that you don’t people there.

  30. My Mother, Etta Belle Bryce Allen, and her 4 sisters and 1 brother were born and lived in Devils Nest, Nebraska. My Mother contracted Polio when she was 11 years old there (1936) and was treated by a local Ponca woman until she recovered a year later at 12. They were the children of Thomas Jefferson Bryce and Elizabeth Esther Bryce (in 1923 they had a little girl that died from pneumonia and is buried somewhere in Devils Nest.). My Great-Uncle Clyde and Great-Aunt Goldie Bryce lived down in one of the ravines (hollers) in the 1920’s until the late1960’s. Members of Jesse James’ gang are buried within the Devils Nest area. We used to go there to see Uncle Clyde and Aunt Goldie for years, and walk the hills and look out over the Missouri River. It was beautiful and peaceful. Please treat this place with the respect it deserves, many a Ponca Indian passed over those hills, one of them was my Great-Grandmother Etta Hannah (Anglicized name).

  31. I stand corrected when I said no one died in Devils Nest.
    I thought she said a girl was killed there.
    There were two accidents that I can recall. Gaylen Jueden is the one I am familiar with May he rest in peace. There was a cave in on the water lines from NRD. I don’t know all the details but it was a sad day. I know someone passed many years ago during the construction of the development too. It’s tragic when any accidents of such nature occur.
    I was not by any means trying to be rude. But I have always lived by the rule if something isn’t yours it must belong to someone else.
    I do like our privacy and don’t plan to make the Nest a media spectacle.
    I want people to visit and enjoy the views etc.
    But I do worry about someone getting hurt and if they are out there alone and trespassing it could be very difficult for them to be helped in case something went wrong.
    I really like the pictures in this and I have had many compliments on the photos that Troy did.
    Nice job on the pics and the article. I guess I just wish you would have written about the nice things of the development because they outweigh the bad.

    1. Dear Ms. Kohles, Have you thought of contacting a salvage crew to come out and remove the ski lift, etc. and letting them retain the earnings from the scrap, therefore not charging you to remove it? Of course a liability waiver would have to be in place so that if they were hurt while removing the iron or metal you would not be held liable. It’s a win-win solution to ridding yourself of the eyesore. Only a suggestion.

    2. And now the truth comes out. Your real beef isn’t that they visited and took photos, but that they didn’t say what you wanted them to say about your place.

      Let’s put it clearly. Put up signs, a LOT of them, and make it clear you don’t want visitors, or get used to people accidentally trespassing. You can’t have it both ways. It’s one thing if it was your farm or your home or something, but this is a HUGE site and as your defender Pat admits in a post above, “there are old roads running through the entire former development.” If you don’t post them, then you have no right to bitch.

      Personally, I would be more pissed about the vandals, but see, they don’t post photos after they leave, so there’s nothing you can do about them. So you should definitely continue taking out your ire on some photographers who didn’t hurt anything.

    3. I worked there for a summer putting signs up! Had a great time, hard work! But was something I do remember well! Grew up in Bloomfield. I still come back as often as possible! My older sister lives close by on the lake! good memories, worked there when I was about 16 now 61!


  32. Awwww, look at you guys getting all bent out of shape. I could drive right down to the bottom in my truck today without passing a single no trespassing sign.

  33. That land really doesn’t belong to anyone but the natives who were kicked off of it. That land is sacred and holds tremendous power (part of the reason so many are drawn to it) and people who do not belong to the land will never find success with it.The ski resort didn’t fail because of the climate, it failed because it wasn’t supposed to be there. And there have been quite of few deaths on the land, I don’t care what Mona says, I don’t think she has taken to the time to look into the true history of the land. I always liked visiting as a kid and my grandmother would always caution me to tread lightly and be respectful. Here is the deal people: WE DON’T OWN LAND, IT OWNS US!

  34. Drove through today respectfully, as we are looking for a lot of land in the area. Nice to see such passion in these comments. The area is beautiful and in the process of being developed. When on the roads you see homes, and owners driving through giving what I’m told is “The Nebraska Wave” from behind the steering wheel. Those with malice intentions looking for trouble, I’m sure will find that.

    On our drive I stayed in the car with my son and my boyfriend took a few scenic shots with a film camera to help motivate him and give him a good sense of the region. Nobody ran us off the land, and we were not engaged in any activity that could lead to a situation where a liability could even be an occurrence.

    I hope the contact phone numbers are accurate on the clearly posted no trespassing signs as we would like to speak with the right party to move forward, and thank them for having a positive understanding that people do want to look.

  35. My wife & I have lived in Colorado over 30-years. We recently bought a lot in DN & plan to build a nice small cabin to stay in while visiting our families in NE Nebraska. Devils Nest, or Nest of the Deivals as I call it, (Deival is a 3′ tall creature from Native American Lore that precedes the white-man translation) is the only place around NE Nebraska that can keep us from freaking out when we start living part time in the area.

    I am a hardcore out-of-bounds skier that has remembered DN since I was a teen in 1970’s Nebraska. If this place ever gets some sort of good/fair snow…I plan on Skiing from the top of the old ski area all the way down to the lake. This is easily possible with the new generation of back-country AT or Tele gear. DN could be the diamond in the rough for me that most Nebraskans never knew they had! Not that anyone will admit to it…but has anyone else tried to ski this in recent history? You don’t need a lift to go downhill skiing. That’s an old school myth! Cheers, Tom

  36. Does anybody know where I can find a picture that was taken when the trees spelled out devil? I thought it was in the bloomfield centennial book, but cant find it. Thanks

  37. I have been to the DN a thousand times.And have only ever seen ONE sign that said PRIVATE PROPERTY…and that is on one of the main roads comsing in from the South (Crofton way) where the main sign is that leads into it!! I have only one time walked the road down to the resort, never once did i ever see anyone else there (shooting guns screaming to get out of there) Never did anyone ever come and tell us to leave…It is very unfortunate about the graffitti there as to me this is and SHOULD be a historical place and site.I’m sure things have been adjusted as to signs and gates…been a few years since i have been up that way. But we never pillaged or burned or tore up any part of the DN Resort…usually just went to the top of the hill where the lookout was.Makes me sad to think next time i DO go back for a visit the lift will no longer be there. Have had sooooo many good times just chillin’ there and taking in the scenery…My parents and Aunt and Uncle Goldman took us there every summer for years before we would cross on the ferry boat!!

  38. Hauled a bunch of rock into devils nest last summer
    It’s a beautiful place. Lots of new homes being put up. Love to go back again and see more

  39. I have an estate to settle and a DN lot to sell. Interested??? Call Mike at 402-589-1465 and leave a message.

  40. I had a band called The Gadabouts about that time. (!973-74) I think we played there one night, although its been so long ago I can’t remember for sure. I know my drummer, Larry Bolaski from Niobrara wrote a song called The Ballad of Devils Nest. I think we even recorded it so it may be still around.. In days of old, when men were bold, comes the legend of Devils Nest. Too bad it didn’t work out.

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